This agreement for placement of puppy is made between JOHNSON KENNELS (seller) and
______________________________(buyer). After making your selection, fill out contract and mail it to us with
your deposit.

       1. After receiving balance, puppy will be shipped, preferably with non-stop flight to most major cities.

       2. Puppy will arrive healthy and well-socialized with all health records. Puppies that are shipped will have had a
           complete veterinarian examination.

       3. You have 48 hours to have puppy examined by your veterinarian to assure good health of puppy. If you are not
           satisfied, return puppy and receive replacement puppy of equal or greater value. Seller will not be responsible
           for veterinary bills occurred after 48 hours.

       4. We guarantee puppy to be free of congenital defects for one year. If puppy is diagnosed with congenital defect,
           it will be replaced.

       5. If animal is cared for in any way which would be detrimental to its health, seller has the right to reclaim the
           animal at the expense of the buyer.

       6. Deposits are a commitment to hold a puppy for you and are non-refundable. Buyer can move a deposit to a
           different litter if need be.

       7. If buyer uses PayPal for payment, 3 percent of the payment amount must be added to cover PayPal charges.
           Any PayPal payment that does not include this 3 percent will not be considered complete.

       8. A dog that is subject to weight pulling before the age of 1 years of age will null and void guarantee.

       9. A dog exposed to or participating in any type of protection training will null and void guarantee.

     10. Breeder not liable for damage or litigation caused by protection training.



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Seller: Dixie Luckman
Johnson D. Johnson Kennels